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Virtual Equestrian Coaching (Virtual Lessons or Video Review of Horseshows)


Coach Mary, offers virtual one-on-one or group riding sessions tailored to riders of all skill levels and age groups. Whether you're a youth or amateur rider, experience the distinction of one of Coach Mary's sessions. In addition, a second set of eyes evaluating and coaching you through your classes at a horse show is invaluable, send you video and have Coach Mary review and send you her coaching and thoughts! Her exceptional championship-level expertise will undoubtedly elevate your riding results.

What to expect

  • Virtual coaching

  • Customized training schedule

  • Guided Goal Setting

  • Show and Pattern footage reviews

Contact Coach Mary

(770) 630- 4405

Get world-class equestrian training from your location with Coach Mary Meneely’s Virtual Equestrian Coaching. Our virtual training option is perfect for riders of all levels and backgrounds, regardless of location, time, transport, or budget constraints. With Coach Mary’s guidance and expertise, you’ll receive personalized coaching that will help you achieve your equestrian goals and improve your skills. Contact us today to get started on your virtual coaching journey.

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