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Personalized College Equestrian Consulting Packages


To achieve success in securing a spot on a college equestrian team, there's no better approach than having a coach who is dedicated to success, and Coach Mary Meneely is that exceptional individual. She crafts customized marketing strategies for each of her clients, offering a clear, step-by-step roadmap that removes the uncertainty from the recruitment process, putting both parents and riders at ease. Coach Mary Meneely's proven methods have yielded impressive results, making her a sought-after recruiting coach and consultant! Formerly at two prominent universities she was known for a consistent track record of assembling top-tier recruiting classes each year. She is highly respected amongst the other coaches in college equestrian and knows the who, what, why, and when to guide you every step of the way! As a seasoned industry professional, she provides comprehensive guidance in all aspects of riding and showing, and drawing from her own experiences as a parent of a college athlete she knows the feeling of bewilderment and can empathize with and support parents in navigating the path to fulfilling their daughters' dreams of collegiate equestrian success.

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(770) 630- 4405

Coach Mary Meneely is a highly experienced equestrian coach who has achieved great success at the college level. You can rely on her expertise to assist both you and your daughter throughout the entire process. Coach Mary levrages your daughter's equestrian skills to position her for optimal recruiting possibilties!

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